Camera Shake on enemy killed

Talking about a camera shaking upon an explosion makes sense. To fully immerse the player in the game, you have to get the finer details down. This is one of them.

I decided to make my camera shake, a singleton, which allows for only 1 instance of this class. Though it depends on what and how you want to use it. If you’re only using it for a select few things, this works but if you happen to have multiple cases where it would be better to have multiple instances meaning you want different amounts of shake or duration, then it would be better to allow for it to be changed according to the instance.

I decided to play my camera shake upon destroying the enemy. I felt like that gave the most impact to the game currently. I might add it to the player as well for when the player takes damage.

The last thing before going into the Framework 2 phase of the course, is the new power up. I’m thinking homing lasers or something along those lines.

On to the next.